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Easily craft personalized CVs that match the requirements of any job with Not Another CV. Stand out from the crowd and improve your chances of getting hired by creating targeted CVs for each role you apply to.

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Incredible Flexibility

Maximize your chances of success with our versatile CV solutions, available in both online and PDF formats. Plus, easily embed your CV download on your existing website for maximum exposure. No confusion, no hassle – just a simple, effective way to get your CV into the hands of the right people. Try it out now and take your job search to the next level!

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Seamlessly Control Your Dynamic CV from Anywhere with Ease

With our dynamic CV generation system, you can now effortlessly tailor your CV to match the exact requirements of your desired position. No more wasting time on irrelevant information - our cutting-edge technology ensures that you only include the most relevant content that will make you stand out from the crowd.

ATS Friendly

All CVs we generate are designed to be readable by automated systems

Offer your CV everywhere

Our embed lets you offer your dynamic CV on your existing site

Track Downloads

Know exactly who is downloading your CV with our metrics system

Easy Tooling

Our tools are designed to make CV modification quick and painless

* Functionality to dynamically modify CV Content based on job roles requires a Premium Subscription (£2.99 a month). Free Users may update a single universal CV without limitations but cannot create dynamic variations

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While Not Another CV is entirely free to use, we also provide a premium level with extended features for those who require more.


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Features included:

  • Manage Your CV Content with Ease

  • Customisable Web and PDF CVs

  • Embed your CV on Your Own Site

  • Track Who's Downloading Your CV

  • Multiple ATS Compatible PDF CV Styles

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Upgrade to our premium plan for exclusive features, added flexibility, and priority support.

Features included:

  • Everything in the Free Tier

  • Create Variant CVs for Specific Roles

  • Exclusive PDF Styles

  • Improved Analytics

  • Early Access to New Features

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